June 10, 2016
#YSDAFTakeover: 5 Questions with Sher Reen Lim

We’ve had a great round last week when visual artist and architect, Mey Kamal shared his sketches and inspiration with us on our Instagram account @ysdartsfest.

This week for #YSDAFTakeover, we are happy to introduce a brand new artist!

Sher Reen Lim



An architect by profession, Sher Reen produces beautiful film and digital photography, encompassing her travels, the built environment and her passion for food. To get to know her more, here are 5 Questions with Sher Reen:

What sparked your love for art and photography?

I was fortunate to get an early exposure to film cameras during a family holiday; recreational photography has always been a part of my life. But it was while pursuing a degree in architecture at university that I developed a fascination for textures, proportion and light. This deepened this my interest in photography and very quickly, photography became a means through which I explored and understood architecture as an art form.

My passion for food and travel, paired with my training and love for the built environment, became the theme of the Instagram account I started over two years ago. To be very honest, it was my interaction with the Instagram community that pushed me to consider my (mobile) photography critically and became the biggest catalyst to my development as an ‘artist’.

What are 3 things that never fails to inspire you when creating art?

My relentless pursuit of dreamy light and shadow, childhood memories and unexpectedly inspiring conversations.

What is the philosophy behind the art you produce?

Honesty. While I acknowledge mobile photography can be a counterpose to (an imperfect) life, I always aim to communicate as honest a picture of what I experience. For example, I never over-edit or doctor my photographs, and I am very careful with the products and brands I associate with and vouch for to sustain the credibility of my opinions. Nothing warms my heart more when potential collaborators tell me how much this aesthetic appeals to them and aligns with their philosophy.

If you can have a conversation over dinner with 3 people, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

This rotates, but specific to my interest in light and photography I’d go with: Meghan Plowman (@meghan_plowman), a Perth-based art director whose work I have a deep appreciation for, Laura Phay (@phaybulous) a Singapore-based architect who dreams up the best interiors, and Peter Zumthor, a Swiss architect whose work – and its play with light and the human psyche – extends well beyond architecture and in my opinion, is really something else.

What is your great ambition?

To be able to afford time off to see and experience the different parts of the world regularly (which admittedly, I try and practise in a small way already) and share these journeys with people who share the same interests.

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